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Rebuild SMOK TFV8 Baby Coil Q2 like a boss :))

My friend who is a new vaper ask me can we re-wick TFV8 Baby <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils like your RTA and do not buy new ones? And I replied “No!”. Next day I became curious to try that Idea and I did.
I didn’t search for any solution (if is any) and just tear apart one of my Q2 0.4ohm coils and it was quite simple setup in there. I didn’t think that It will work fine so I didn’t shot more photos and by the way it is just an experience and first attempt.

Why do that?
Because I love…

<a href="”>Rebuild SMOK TFV8 Baby coil Q2 like a boss :))

Cleaned coils and odd flavor?

So I have a dual coil setup of SS 28 twisted and 36 claptoned. I cleaned and dry burned the <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils and still have residual flavor of the last juice, which was Cuprian which was a pretty strong and sweet mint chip ice cream. Does not mix well with fruity flavors at all. Are my coils toast or need a better cleaning. Thanks in advance

Tesla steampunk nano 120

Ive been look at the tesla steampunk nano 120 a lot lately. Reading reviews and comments. I really like the looks of this thing, but like any other product out there, there are mixed reviews. Some people love it, have no problems at all while other people hate it and have nothing but problems from day one. Am i to think that its not possible for companies to consistently build quality products or is it that just some people could tear up a bowling ball?

Multi-strand twisted wire builds offer some great benefits

Over the few years I've been building coils, my "typical" or "go-to" build has changed many times. Sometimes it was basic single strand dual coils, other times it was twisted single or dual coils, or single or dual Clapton coils, or single or dual fused / twisted core Clapton coils. While I have (and still do) experiment with more exotic coils, they have never become an everyday thing, just something to try every now and then.

Lately I've been experimenting with twisted coils using more…

Multi-strand twisted wire builds offer some great benefits

Is There An RTA That Doesn’t Leak?

I have 3 rta's. The Ammit, Merlin and Kanger Subtank Mini rba. They all leak. They don't leak gobs of juice, just enough to be annoying. They don't leak all of the time, just enough to be annoying.

I have 2 regular tanks, Aspire Triton and the Triton Mini, that use store bought <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils and they never leak. Ever.

WTH? It gets old. I actually threw the Merlin in the trash one night I was so fed up. The next morning I dug it out of the trash, cleaned it up and tried it again.

Are all…

Is There An RTA That Doesn't Leak?

juggernaut build

quite new to winding but think i've gotten competent enough. have had a bit of trouble getting resistance close enough for dual setups.
juggernaut wire ((26+32)*2+0.1*0.9) probably isn't something i should have gone for but go for it i did.
you might say i've some improving to do…i'd agree. these are matched at 1.4ohms…haven't tried them on a deck yet…

<a href="”>
juggernaut_coils by lupinehorror posted Oct 12, 2017 at 7:44 AM

Modz by nasy

Anyone like nasy Mods showing off what I have

Modz by nasy

first SS coil

up until now i've been using kanthal exclusively. now i've managed to get some (5m) of stainless steel wire (316L). this is my first, lowly, attempt at using it. 3mm inner diameter. was aiming for 0.4ohms and it's not far off according to my meter. think i'll save it for my incoming OBS engine nano.
it's a start at least.

<a href="”>
Ss_round_coil by lupinehorror posted Oct 11, 2017 at 7:56 AM

Aspire speeder

Will be upgrading my mod to an aspire speeder in a few weeks and was wondering if someone who has one could tell me the pros and cons of the device. They're 54.99 in my local vape shop and it's what I intend to purchase next. For the last 7 months I've been using smok Aliens and they are a very nice vape but have proved to be unreliable which is why I've set my sights on the speeder.
Vape on.

Modefined SIRIUS 200W TC?

So apparently Lost Vape decided to spin off a sister company (Modefined) to make lower cost mods using their own DNA C series clone boards. The result is the Sirus 200W TC mod. I am finding this at reputable online dealers in the $50 range. For a 200w version of a DNA 200c board that isn't even out yet is quite appealing. My problem is that this is not only a new device, but technically a new company and they don't even have a website yet (nor are these sold or supported directly by Lost…

Modefined SIRIUS 200W TC?