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TC Starting Point

anyone recommend a temperature to start at for TC mode? I want to give it a whirl after reading an article on healthier vaping but was afraid of burning my mouth lol!!

Oh I usually vape .15 or .2 at 60 watts 60/40 ish VG/PG if that info is helpful

Thanks sara

Kapton tape insulation


Any vet coil builders use Kapton tape as a coil wire insulator? It is very stable at temps up to almost 800°F. Very good dielectric properties. I'm going to attempt rebuilding some Kanger SSOCC <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils.

Thanx in advance…

Need help on a mod decision.

Hey guys, I'm sorry if this is not the right place for this question, so if that's the case I understand if the mods delete it.

But if it's ok to post this here, I'm hoping I can get a few opinions.

So I was using the Mag mod for a while but I ended up letting my wife take it because she quit smoking and has a very stressful job so she wanted to use it. I told her to keep it because while at first I really liked it, but then for some reason I wasn't feeling it anymore.

So I ended up…

Need help on a mod decision.

flat(tish) carbuncles

first attempt with flat wire. hand wound round a rod…3.5mm ID approximately. 316L with 5 wraps each coming out at 0.3 ohms. not the neatest work i've ever done as you can see here on the bonza (must swap out those flat-head screws!). the 'slight' spacing works well in temp control though

<a href="”>

Herakles RTA Wicking Problem

So yeah as the title says in having a hard time wicking the rta. Ive had it for about a month and no matter what I do I can't get it right. Whenever I take long drags j get burnt hits. The juice cant keep up with the wick it seems like. Using 24g kanthal dual coil at .25 ohms.

View attachment 711665

View attachment 711667

Suggestions for non spring loaded deck

Next month I'll be in the market for a new rta. I'm looking for a non spring loaded deck, and my builds will probably be between .25 and .5 .

I prefer a single coil but won't rule out dual.

Any suggestions are welcome, thank you in advance.

Cheap and Cheerful Single Battery Temp CTRL Mod

The title describes what I am looking for.

I don't want to spend the earth, I just want a single battery temp controlled mod.

Please note this a UK request, just in case that affects availability and pricing.

Thanks for all advice offered.

Box Mods Constructed of Stainless Steel!

I've found uncoated stainless steel is a very durable material choice for mods to be made out of, though I haven't seen it often outside of tube mods, and even less for the entire box.

It's much more dent and scratch resistant (since it's harder) than other metals commonly used such as zinc alloy, aluminum, or zinc/aluminum that's been plated with a "stainless" finish (most advertised as "stainless" are plated to save cost, so as soon as it's scratched it can't be fixed).

If by…

Box Mods Constructed of Stainless Steel!

Which option should I use on the Smok Procolor for my coils?

I am using a Smok Procolor mod with a Joyetech Cubis Pro atomizer and a 0.25 Cubis coil. When I put the atomizer on the mod it worked right away on the "W" option, however I see that the mod has an SS (stainless steel) option, and I know that these <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils are stainless steel. I haven't tinkered with it, as I'm afraid to break the coil, but should I be using that option instead?
I've uploaded a photo of the options, as well.

Thanks beforehand for any responses.

Vapefly Mesh Plus RDTA

Seems interesting any thoughts?