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I just received my SXK Doggy Style from FT today. This thing is splendidly simple. I could almost build it with my eyes closed. An awesome little MTL tank IMHO. I'm kinda surprised there's not more buzz about it on this forum. I wholeheartedly recommend this little guy for all the Tootie-Puffers out there!

Some Chipping and Peeling

So over the course of maybe 7-8 months my H-Priv 220 acquired these scratches. It looks like it got repeatedly shanked. Maybe a old cutting board type look all over the sides. I live in a hot/humid area and my hands get a little sweaty so I figured that was the problem for the paint chipping. Does anyone have any recommendations? I dont want to sticker bomb it. Thought about buying a skin for it. And thought about using car based spray paint (and I could change the colour of it as well).

My new mod *showoff*

Today I finally had my new mod [emoji2][​IMG]

Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G935F met Tapatalk

Stabilized wood

Hey all! Probably not the right place for this so if it's not feel free to move it.

I'm looking to make a wood mod and was hoping someone here would know how to properly stabilize wood. Thanks in advance!

Touch Screen Mods – best ones and which to stay clear of?

Admittedly I don't "need" a touch screen mod, but I'm intrigued.

The SMOK G-Priv has caught my attention but as expected it looks to be a bit "bulky" in order to fit those components in there for the active screen along with two 18650 bats.

I'd really like to hear any opinions / experiences with touch screen mods from anyone who feels like sharing!

Siren Digiflavor RTA leaking

I picked up a Siren Digiflavor as my first rebuildable thing. I love it, but am having some minor seeping issues when I replace the wick.

I get that there's a learning curve, the most challenging part for me is getting the amount of wick right. The first time I made it too thick and it leaked a lot. Second time, too thin, and it seeped and popped. This time I was sure I had it right, it was tight in the coil but not so much that it moved the coil when I pulled the wick, but still, she…

Siren Digiflavor RTA leaking

Re- building a stock, throw away vertical coil, perfectly done.

Just got a 100 pack of NR-R-Nr ( NiCr – SS – NiCr ) wire from fastech. $1.99 for 100.. (The SS wire part is 28ga. )
This is the key coil wire to use when re-building the vertical <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils in the throw away coils.
Using the largest diameter, 3.5 on a multi sized coil jig (rod), wrap the SS part around 5 turns making it 5/8" long, Cut 5/8" wide strip of the good cotton, peel in half, place the firm cotton side on the coil when starting the wrapping, ( bury the…

<a href="”>Re- building a stock, throw away vertical coil, perfectly done.

Coolfire iv 18650 wont behave!

I have had this about 2 weeks and have not yet dropped it,yet! I put in my 18650 samsung inr batt and if i turn the battery cap to much it will not turn on. If i back up the cap enough for it to turn on,it wont sit flush/wobbles ,lol. NOW it just suddenly wont be on while im using it and i have to play with the battery cap/door. What in the world? My battery is a flat top and i have tried to look it up,all i see is 18650 but not flat top or button top? Should i be using the button top like…

Coolfire iv 18650 wont behave!

Vaping 3.5 years, but have not kept up on vaping technology!

Hand-holding needed :blush: I very recently came down with a serious case of "shinyitis", and within the next few days, about 14 pieces of vapemail is going to hit my mailbox. Now that my shinyitis fever has broken, I'm starting to feel those awful "buyer's remorse" symptoms coming on. I don't really regret buying new gear, because it's been a couple of years since I have. It's more a case of being worried that things have changed so much that I'll be in for a struggle to try and achieve a…

Vaping 3.5 years, but have not kept up on vaping technology!

Starting building… and questions

Okay, so I finally read a bunch of stuff, pulled out my coil building materials, took a look at steam engine and practice wrapped a few 3 mm <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils on a coil jig.

They're a bit frankensteinish, but I was mainly practicing to see if I could wrap that wire at all…. it's getting easier. I do have a couple questions before I even try to break out the Ohms meter and start burning any coils…

The tank I am planning to use them in "The Russian, 3.0" I believe it is called, has a dual coil

Starting building… and questions