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Cthulhu Hastur MTL RTA Reviews Thoughts and tips

Hastur MTL RTA – CTHULHU MOD -Top Innovations for Vaping I know some people had a mixed reaction to the Cthulhu MTL however even though it had it's quirks it's still one of my favorite Budget MTL RTAs and looking at the design of this one I must say I am pretty excited. Due to […]

Recommendations for an old school vaper

Hi all, I’ve been out of the rebuildable game for a while now, and am getting back into it after getting a Kayfun Prime. I’m looking around, and all I see are cloud chasing atomizers… which I do dabble in when I find aesthetics I like (recently got an Entheon) but my day to day […]

suggestions on good build for mech tube build

greetings everyone, i recently have been enjoying my mod i received from dripn and i wish to inquire about a good build to work with.if anyone has recommendations for type of coil , prebuilt , and/or batteries i would welcome it. i feel as though im not getting as smooth a finish from a .4-.5 […]

Revenger + NOT NRG

So basically I'm holding my Revenger 220w + NRG kit right now and was wondering how would the mod team up and look like with any other tank, not NRG which is originally in the kit? Any thoughts or pics? Would really appreciate some feedback, cheers

Suggestions for a "best flavor" single coil tank? (I think?)

Hi all! I have been a tank vaper from the start (it will be four years after Christmas)… I am too lazy to drip. I haven't really been a cloud chaser, but have found myself falling into "the bigger, more powerful, newer; must equal better flavor" mentality. All that has led to is more juice […]

Anything like the Vandy Vape Kylin RTA??

I really love my Kylin RTA in dual coil mode. The airflow seems to work perfectly for me. My only issue is that 2 ml mode is too small to take with me on the go and 6 ml mode looks awkward on mini mods. I was hoping to find something similar that would hold […]

What should I get??

Hi all i'm looking for a good rebuildable sub ohm tank atomizer ‫ ‫ ‫ ‫i wouldnt know what my preferences but i know that i would like something thats overall suggested and known to be reliable also with a large capacity for liquid. I have no idea where to begin and would appreciate advice […]

GeekVape Zeus RTA

Seems interesting even though I'm not a big fan of top air flow any thoughts? … GeekVape Zeus RTA


It finally happened. Please note the MIDDLE mod which is a TOTALLY self created coil (0.63 resistance) and rayon wick and it didn't LEAK a drop, to the point that I felt totally happy putting the mod on my computer. It's a Kayfun clone and I did the whole thing ALONE, LOL. Even the juice— […]

Reload rta owners what am I doing wrong no flavor