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Serpent SMM wicking

Can someone show me how much cotton to use for a 3mm coil. I get to where my vape tastes off/funny. I’m a chain vapor too and also any wicking technique I should use Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

P/S coil build

<a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils built for a parallel series mod in mind Not installed because I have a vaperz cloud x1 30mm coming for the coils (not my work) Shod ohm out at .18 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Funny flavor

I bought 26g ss316l wire I made a twisted coil for the first time. I think the ID is 2m possibly. Used a smaller nail to wrap with and then wicked and primed the coil. I am getting what taste like metallic flavor but not th flavor of my juice at all. Oh the mod […]

Kayfun 5 – TPD version

I was just on the Creme de Vape site looking for any sales for tanks. Due to the new TPD laws tanks over 2ml can not be sold in the EU. The Kayfun 5 is well over the limit so thought I might find a sale. I did not find a sale but there was […]

Smoant Charon TS 218

Has anyone tried this mod yet? I was going to get the regular Charon but the TS looks like I can program the temp&watt curves on the device which works for me because I only have apple products and you need PC to download and use new firmware, which looks like has had its own […]

cleaning 1,.1s

i have seen how to rebuild them. but can i just soak them,in say isopropil alc for awhile, would that work? thanks steve

Wotofo Serpent SMM

Watched couple of reviews & pretty sure I'll have it ordered in less than a week! Love the deck & airflow. On pre-order on most sites, hoping one of my preferred sites has it soon. Will go into daily rotation with my Engine Nano's! Right up my vape alley!

Serpent SMM

May have a few posts like this, but wanted to give my thoughts on this RTA. First off I have a Pharaoh rta, sjmy kayfun5 and now the Serpent SMM. The serpent is my fav so far it beats the flavor of my other ones but I am betting it’s due to how I built […]

Help with continuing leaking with Griffin 25+

I'm starting this thread as a last resort before getting rid of my Griffin 25+ tank. I really like the features of this tank so I really hope I can solve this. I've inquired about this before with a couple other owners of this tank, but all tips haven't worked. I cannot seem to stop […]

Am I looking for a none existent squonker?

Hi all, I'm after squonker. DNA chip or similar and 100W+. Not a fan of the LV Drone, spending that much I'd want it to look pretty good, Drone just don't do it for me. The LV Halcyon would be perfect but just can't buy them anymore Nothing else seems to exist. I know I […]