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Daily Archives: January 6th, 2018

Best flavor single coil RTA….HELP

I have the SMM and we have a love/hate relationship. Also have the serpent mini. I want something that don't leak seep etc… Is there such a tank…

Digiflavor Siren GTA

There's a new Gennie style RTA with top fill and bottom airflow called the Siren GTA (Genesis Tank Atomizer) that is designed for the mouth to lung vaper. Digiflavor | Siren GTA&MTL I love the wicking method that has notches in the build deck for the wick to be threaded through (very similar to the […]

The pharaoh mini

First time rta user here. Just received the pharaoh mini and I unscrewed it too much causing one of the springs from the spring loaded deck to jump out. Tried to reinstall it but with no luck, my question is simple… We this rta still function without one of the springs? Are the springs necessary?

Vandy Vape BERSERKER (24mm) MTL RTA

A new 24mm MTL RTA that looks very interesting. Offical link : Berserker MTL RTA – VANDY VAPE Only review on YouTube so far on a Russian channel : Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk

How many wraps

Very frustrated, got the pharaoh mini rta today and supposedly 6 wraps of kanthal 24 gauge will get me to about. 5 ohm . Will my partner wrapped hers first and it worked fine in her rta. Now we've been trying for an hour and a half going between 4 to 7 wraps and it […]