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Monthly Archives: November 2017

RBA newbie Kanger Mini Top Tank

Finally I am moving to an RBA. Been buying <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils for years and now I am ready to try my hand at diy. Got a Kanger Mini and ordered the RBA. Watched the videos, have an OHM meter, cotton and cutting tools so I feel confident I can do it. Two questions […]

SS temp control Suggestion

Ok, So as much as I use ss316 for <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils. I have never used it in temp control with no device to support it. Now that I have the option to try it I am looking for resistance goals with temp settings that work well for people. Doesnt have to be exact […]

Coil build resistance

hey guys i need your help. I built a coil today with vaportech ni80 24 awg, dual parallel coil build. 7 wraps around a 3mm. i checked the resistance and it reads 0.11 ohms. but after pulsing suddenly it reads .30 ohms. this bugs be as now Im not sure what the actual resistance of […]

Advice for first time Coil Builders

Hello. I will be using a joytech egoOne tank with the Joyetech CLR <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils (rebuildable). First question, what tools would I need and where would I buy the organic cotton from?

Limitless XL by Ijoy

So last thursday i went out and bought that rta mentionned in the title,picked it up since it has both a dual and single coil deck (also had a drop in coil which i've used rather quickly tbh) but since just this weekend i've rewicked 3 times already and i basically get no flavor and […]


Got some vapemail today that I've been waiting for. Drop RDA, Mad Hatter RDTA, Velocity RDTA, Triad RDTA and an Innokin LIFT. The Drop is great. Definitely recommend it. The Triad is kinda cool. It's a triple core RDTA. I threw in a quick round wire build. It's cloudy and a juice guzzler. I'll play […]

Using a regular coil with cut leads in Joye BF QCS heads?

Has anyone tried it? If it's made to work with a notch coil, that honesty is no different piece of metal from any other, can't we just stick good old regular <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils in there as long as they're the right height to make contact with the casing? Or is the notch's black […]


Hello Guys, I am wondering what is the best RTA, RDA and RDTA in your opinion. Maybe I'd like to buy something, because by the end of July there's gonna be a huge problem with e-cigs in my country. :/ Thank you in advance!

Serpent SMM: "warped" peek insulator??

So…I just cleaned and rewicked my SMM. I noticed that the peek insulator looks warped under the negative post and the post looks raised up a little bit. Anyone else have that issue? The 510 pin is tight…no idea how long it's been like that and not sure if can be fixed. Guess I'll find […]

Mods with USB-C

I'm looking for a small single 18650 mod with USB-C charging. Something similar to eVic VTC Mini. I just want to switch everything over to USB-C in my life. I like the connector type, it seems sturdier and I like the ability to plug it in either way.