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Monthly Archives: October 2017

0.7 ohm Aspire Coil Rebuild Help

Hi all, I have recently upgraded to the Nautilus 2 mini and loving it but time came to rebuild my 0.7 coil. I cannot figure out what wire gauge I should use. I only have 31 awg left over from my T3S but it doesnt seem suitable. The original head has wider airflow (than the […]

Internal battery mod suggestions please!

Hey all, I'm looking for an internal battery mod that is capable of taking a 24mm atty. I vape low wattages (under 20w) so 2000-ish mah would be fine. I like small sexy mods and I currently have 2 Tesla Stealth 40w and and a Vaporesso Tarot Nano both of which I love but only […]

Is this safety for ready coils when i try filling my tank?

Hello I’m using aspire coiles 0.7 ohm watt 18 up to 23 Natules tank mouth to lounge is it saftey if i add some ejuice drops on the colie when i fill it ? Or its not safe ? And the coil may burned soon ? Because i want it work for long time I […]

Help me with rebuild aspire ready coile please

Hello i saw many people in you youtube rebuild the ready coiles from aspire and another company,s after it burned i try to do it but my coile gives me not the sam ohm on the original coile Please help me i try to rebuild aspire coil bvc with (kanthal 1AWG 28 not 26 ) […]

Looking for a successor

Greetings from TX! I’ve tried various tanks in an attempt to replace my dated Kanger Subtank Mini. None has succeeded. What I’ve tried: Zephyrus 2, Crown 2 and the TFV4 Mini, all using the included RBA base. My options: purchase another Subtank Mini, or get more modern and upgrade to either a Kanger Protank 4 […]

Do I have to use escribe for dna chips?

What benefits would I gain ? I started looking into it and putting battery profiles but I use two different pairs how would I tell the paranormal what pairs in it?

How do you mess with the paranormal 166 menus?

Call me dumb haha

How do you mess with the paranormal 166 menus?

Call me dumb haha

Aspire speeder

Will be upgrading my mod to an aspire speeder in a few weeks and was wondering if someone who has one could tell me the pros and cons of the device. They're 54.99 in my local vape shop and it's what I intend to purchase next. For the last 7 months I've been using smok […]

8 reasons not to buy a decent MOD

1. If by putting it in your pocket, it is heavy enough to pull down your pants, don't buy. 2. If it is bulky just to hold more batteries or for no apparent reason, don't buy. 3. If it has a battery door that can easily or accidently opens by itself, don't buy. 4. If […]