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Daily Archives: June 30th, 2017

What is flux?

I'm confused!! What area is being used? On this page there are 2 examples. 1. a 8 ohm 32 gauge coil at 8000mW and Surface area=23.95mm^2: flux is said to be 317 mW/mm^2 2. a .4 ohm 27 ga dual at 40000mW and SA=61.55mm^2 : flux is said to ba 313 mW/mm^2 but 8000/23.95 = […]

Obs engine 25mm dual coil build

Hey guys. I just bought my very first RTA OBS Engine 25mm dual coil. I built two <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils with 24GA Kanthal A1 wire, 7 wraps, spaced coils, 30mm diameter. The resistance seems to be 0.35 ohm. The flavour is good tho I expected more. I'm using a 30/70 base. Now…I'd really like […]

Coil build

I am ordering the smok tfv4 mini, and I plan on building my own coils to save money, so I am going to go ahead and buy some wire with the tank. Any suggestions on wire gauge, wicking material. I am looking for max flavor, and plan to Vape mouth to lung. Also, what ohm […]