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Daily Archives: June 27th, 2017

Smok OSUB 80W Baby?

Does anyone have this and if so can you confirm that it has some sort of Auto Power Off that can not be turned off? What I thought would be an awesome mod has turned out to be the biggest PITA since I spend more time turning it on than vaping it.

I stick Pico died

I bought 5 of these about a year ago. I have been vaping one for a year and decided to press another one into service about 3 months ago and this morning that one died. Screen when black I knew the battery was getting low so I changed it out and the screen came back […]

Sigelei 150W with 18650 3000mAh 40A batteries?

Is it safe for me to use these batteries with the Sigelei 150W? How do I determine which batteries are compatible with any given mod? Thanks in advance.