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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Review of the Koil Builder 3 Hybrid

I dont know if anyone has come accross this company before there a Russian comapany called 3DVape, the do several products related to vaping and use 3d printing for most of them. Anyway I bought a couple of there main items the coil builder 3 and the Clip coil 3 pro. So far I […]

Kayfun v3 mini build advice?

I have 24GA and 26ga wire any advice on how many wraps and diameter of coil? Currently using 80pg juice in my boulder pods and would like to use that in my kayfun. Just looking for some advice even if I have to pick up different wire etc.

Looking for nickel coil ideas and advice

Hey there. I'm currently running a single spaced 14 wrap 26ga ni200 coil. It comes in at .15-.13 Ohm. I'd like to try a super nano dragon or at least last a duel coil, but want to keep my Ohms between .2 – .1 Ohms. Any ideas?

Ammit 25 RTA

Around the corner release date July 3 More info: Best Single coil RTA- GeekVape Ammit | GeekVape Pre order: Authentic GeekVape Ammit 25 RTA Gold 2ml 5ml Rebuildable Atomizer … Ammit 25 RTA

MEDUSA rdta clicking problem

hello everyone , just got my geekvape medusa rdta but it has a clicking issue . it doesnt fit in its place . I have changed the o rings but still it is shaking and clicking . anyone had the same prob any solutions ? many thanks . View attachment 665759

Doge v2/v4 clone noob build

Hey i just bought my first RDA a DOGE v2/v4 clone. I want to start off with pre built <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils but im not sure what kind to get (ie. Fused clapton, clapton, alien etc…) im currently using the kangertech topbox with a .5ohm ssocc coil. Im going to put it on my […]

IJOY Captain PD270 firmware update has been released

IJOY Captain PD270 firmware ver1.23: IJOY – The World Leader in Electronic cigarette manufacturer/Maxo mod/Rdta tank-Software I already installed it, was pretty easy to do. The zip download has enclosed instructions.

Smok Al85 burning holes in batteries

Hey guys! I've had my Smok Al 85 for a while now. A previous battery I had in the mod, had 2 little holes through the battery wrap on the side near the top end(which is the negative side). And just earlier I noticed the same thing with a brand new battery I had just […]

Coppervape’s Skyline Clone

Build quality is fantastic,smooth buttery threads, no sharp edges. Spotless clean, no machine lube I could detect. Fit & finish fits with the rest in very well done category. PBsardo mentions slight wobble on authentic JFC, this one has none. A total of 9 options are available for air flow plus nicely tensioned adjustable controller […]

Best simple affordable reliable box mod?

I have been vaping with Tesla Stealth and both died on me, though I liked them. Looking for something similar. No variable crap, simple, has big tank. Powerful. Affordable. Thanks!