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Monthly Archives: April 2017

The Best Mod to get that lasts, inexpensive to maintain…?

I currently vape on a Joyetech EGO AIO. However, I really don't care for the pen system. I really liked the portability and ease of the eLeaf iCare Mini but that leaked juice everywhere- on two different purchases of the same model! I thought about buying a VaporShark Minnow because it's so similar but apparently […]

How good is my Aspire Zelos chip

My first mod and currently only mod is the Zelos. I'm interested in the sub ohm lower wattage world of DL vaping. My current daily driver is the Smok TFV8 Baby which most all <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils seem to be just fine in the 30-50 watt range. For me nothing past 40 Watts and […]

Build Catching Fire???

So my friend has this setup. Troll RTA: 3mm, 24 Gauge Kanthal, 5 wrap spaced, dual. Mod: SMOK Alien 220W This build is set to be around 0.25 ohms. So my friend has been able to fire the <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils evenly. The wicking was excellent. But when he primes and fires the build […]

Will the a kangertech toolbox mini tank work on my other mod?

I have the smok h-priv 220 w mod but I burnt the coil inside the tank.I have my old kangertech topbox mini and it looks like both mods have the same 5 10 pin.Do you think my topbox mini tank work on the h-priv mod?I'm kinda cautious cause I don't want it to explode or […]

Funky 60w Mod by Aleader

Ok, so I just bought a Funky 60w Mod, and I am soooo out of my comfort zone. I've been vaping since 2010 and have only used very basic e-cigs. I used an Aspire tank and ego batteries for years and years. I wanted to try a different setup, and I think I will like […]

Joyetech eVic Primo 2.0

Hi, I've been using mods with fixed batteries, however I have just purchased my first mod that requires dual 18650 batteries. On the Joyetech website, it states that it requires "dual married high-rate 18650 cells (continuous discharge current > 25A). Can anyone please tell me: a. What exactly this means; b. Is it just Joyetech […]

need something new and versatiles

I really want to try an RDA but its not very convenient for my work have no time to drip but I will get one for home eventually I've been playingwit a cleito rta for a while to see how I was at coil building and wicking to see ifid like it and also the […]

digiflavor fuji gta dual coil advice

ok so i bought this rta or genisis i don't know what is it, and i was wondering what build suits it the best for flavor and big clouds…

Hussar RTA single coil deck (attack of the clones)

View attachment 633449 View attachment 633451 I am really curious about hussar rta. SJMY already release dual coil deck. And it seem many request for single coil deck option. The minus of this RTA is the length and dual coil deck (which many of us prefer single coil for smooth draw MTL). I am already […]

Dry burning issue.

I make very simple <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils for my Toptank RBA with 28g wire. Nothing fancy, just single wire wraps. I have to rewick often because the juice I like is a gunker even though the cotton is fine, the coil gunks. I find that when I dry burn a few pulses on a […]