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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Eleaf inano

Just got my Eleaf I nano in today. Wow this thing is small. I am not sure what to think about it yet. I have been testing it with different juices. It not as tight of a draw as I would prefer, but it is not bad. The vapor is ok. but I do not […]

Sherman RTA

Hey Guys, Has anyone heard of this tank? It is called The Sherman and its from Asylum Mods. It has a similar deck to the goon and has massive airflow. View attachment 611401

SS Coil Build For Sub Ohm in TC Mode

Some time this month I may attempt my first single-coil build to use solely in TC mode. But I don't know how to start apply Ohm's Law to a coil build used for TC mode. I don't even know which gauge wire to choose.

Kayfun v5: Does yours leak?

My authentic leaks so bad I had to put it up. Changed o-rings twice using spare Svoemesto o-ring kits supplied specifically for this tank. It always leaks through the air slots. Waiting on some generic o-rings from Fasttech. Maybe I'll fare better with those. I've got three Kayfun 5's… an authentic ($120), an SKX clone […]

Kayfun Lite Plus Limited ReRelease

So with origin vapes %30 of Xmas discount code -hohoho- I picked up the Svomesto kayfun lite plus limited re-released version for $38 with free shipping . I never got to try the original but I always heard good things and figured if they released it for a limited 2nd run then it must be […]


IJOY EXO SERIES TANKS RELEASED! This series is composed of 4 products, EXO S, EXO X, EXO XL, EXO RTA… EXO S is a compact tank which can handle both mouth-to-lung and direct-lung vaping. EXO S is a complete redesign of MTL tanks, improved by the innovative XS-C1 coil, brings a more smooth mouth-to-lung hit. […]

Anything specific i should know about building with SS wire?

i just bought my first roll of stainless steel wire, and i'm wondering if there's anything important i need to know before building with it. the only difference i know of is that it has a lower resistance than kanthal. but im not sure how much lower. i bought 28g wire

Goblin V3 or Merlin Mini?

I'm trying to narrow down my list and decide on my next tank. It appears the Merlin is good for MTL and DL from what I've read. Not sure about the Goblin though(anyone have a clue?). I prefer MTL, but I do have an alien 220 and would also like the option to open up […]

Intermediate coil build for a kanger toptank mini rba

I didn't film wrapping the coil or mounting it, it is pretty standard and would have taken to long to watch.. however… The build is 3 strands of 32ga stainless steel wrapped as a parallel coil around a 3mm ID core. 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 wraps, both work and mounted and wicked on a […]

Is fast ramp up time, going to give burnt taste?

So is a lower heat capacity going to burn my wicks? because, i have been getting a burnt taste. what is a too low heat capacity or too high heat capacity in ….mj/K? Is there even such a thing, that you can have too fast ramp for the watts? I may have too many wraps […]