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Monthly Archives: September 2016

High end RTAs

Hi all, I am looking for suggestions into high-end flavour chasing RTA's. I currently have the following in regular rotation E-phoenix Hurricane 1.3 LE Eden Mods Rose 3 SvoeMesto Kayfun 5 Stattqualm Squape R(s) What others can I look at to fit in the stable? No clones please,

Looking for a good mini tank for Artery Nugget mod

I recently purchased the Artery Nugget box mod, but since I was stubborn and wanted a specific color I chose to opt out of getting the Gold Rush kit with the nice little 49'er tank. Anyone have any good recommendations for a small tank I can throw on there? I was thinking perhaps a Nautilus […]

Hunting for mod

Hi All! I've been hunting for specific mods and I'm not getting anywhere. Hoping I can get some help. I've seen the beautiful stabilized wood mods but for some reason I can't find them to buy one. I have an Axis which I love. It's a bit big for my hands so I've been watching […]

which one?

hi vapers, i wanted your opinions. im getting a birthday gift from my wife, i wanted to get a DNA mod. which would you get? the lost vape therion dna75 in ostrige pattern or the hcigar vt133 in black? and why? thanks guys and gals. have a great day.vape on.

Digiflavor Fuji GTA…impressions and questions

First off, I love this tank. I've been vaping since 2008 and I swore off ever going back to dealing with wicks/<a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils since the Herakles Plus' flavor and vapor from their SS coils was so great and easy to manage. I tried the dual coil version of this tank on a whim […]

Wotofo Conqueror vs Steam Crave Aromamizer SC201

Alright guys I've got about 10 RDAs in the mail right now with 2 RTAs on the way as well. I've got one last decision on something I want to order. I like the Conqueror's postless deck pretty nice, I've had a few RDAs like that, but the SC201 seems like a very nice setup […]

Paps V4

hi guys. My beautiful switch went a bit janky and so I took it apart to check on it. The locking pin had come loose. I put it back together but now the locking ring will not work and the mod only stays unlocked. Perseas is sending me a new switch but I wonder if […]

Need Dependable, Performance Battery-Mod

Had Istick 40W TC. Wasn't bad. Starting from scratch – new tank (had subtank mini), looking to couple a non-leak, top-fill, sturdy tank with a great mod. Any advice? Do not particularly care about TC. Only need is size – as in lack of. Prefer it to stay small.

Just tried a bunch of tanks

I've been vaping for going on 7 years now and I admittedly go through cycles between RDAs, RTAs, and tanks using premade <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils. Recently, I went into an RTA kick because I hadn't checked out any new tanks in quite awhile. So I bought a few, here's my resluts (for what it […]

Wiiiire questiiiions!!

Sooo I'm a great builder no lie *blows on fingers* and I'm trying to get into some thiiin very crazy wire. Anybody know the resistances for 30g-40g wires? Specifically 40g as I'm looking into that, any help would be more than useful right now. As always thanks and mucho love!