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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Looking for one more RTA/RTDA

o.k. Looking for suggestions….. I am becoming INCREDIBLY fond of my Griffin 25 (tho I mostly use it at home on the RX200S – way too damn big to haul out and about.) I really like my Serpent Mini (still futzing with wicking, but generally a great little RTA) I've "rediscovered" my Subtank RBA heads, […]

Obs Ace Tank overheating fast

Hello guys. I don't know if this is a problem, or some con of the Obs Ace Tank. I bought it 2 days ago, It came with a ceramic coil and with a Rebuildable coil. I am using the ceramic (that was the default) So I have a Smiss Craft 150w TC mod, and I […]

What is happening in the MTL world?

So after about three years of rocking super low ohms, and busting out trucksized cloudes, I decided to break out my dusty old kayfun. And I have to admit that I've kind of missed that way of vaping. And I've been thinking about getting a new MTL tank. So I was wondering, what's been happening […]

What kind of clapton wire?

I just got a Kanger Protank 4 w/ an rba head. It came w/ preinstalled dual claptons. I believe they are 26g + 32g kanthal but not sure. When i replace them what wire should i use? I just want something that works and isn't too hard to work with. Does it matter what type […]

Looking for tops for an rx200…a RTA and RDA

Planning on buying one and would like suggestions on good tanks (for driving) and rdas for at home. For rda, Thinking maybe a buddha, but really don't know much about them… but liked it when I tried someone else's. Tanks I'm open to anything, only rebuildable I used was the single coil one for subtank.

Anybody using a 521 tab?

I keep looking at these things and thinking it would be a nice thing to have, hold the atty for builds, power on board to heat and tweak coils, and a the built in ohm meter means I can leave my Mac meter in the garage so I can find it when I need it. […]


Howdy Vapers and Vapettes! Top o' the mornin' to ya! Since I began building, I've dreamt of a place where you can find a list of the different types of coil builds in one place. But Olympia Vapor Works is the closest thing I've found. So I thought I'd make one. Here's my vision: coil […]

Mark bugs chalice iii questions (gurgling)

I just bought a new chalice v3 and I can't seem to get a build where it doesn't gurgle. I'm hoping this is my build and not the result of the changes made in the later batches. I e tried coil placement close to the posts. Farther away. I've tried six wraps of 28 in […]

UD Goblin Mini v3

Looks like a great atty! Check it out 2 decks (Velocity Style) One deck for single coil.. One deck for dual coils. Extension Tube to increase capacity! (maybe a way around TPD?).. It's been a while since I was really exited to try out a new product I have a feeling shinyitis will be kicking […]

Theorem RTA

Not quite sure what I think about this one… Looks like it will be a flavor chaser's dream, but a builder's bad dream… Thoughts? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk