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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Attack of the (Kayfun V5) Clones!

Fasttech listed one the SXK version today.

My latest experiment

View attachment 572999 This is twisted 24g ss and twisted 31g ribbon wire reverse twited together. 5 wraps, comes out to .20 ohms. Clouds for days! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk

Wotofo Serpent Mini

Wotofo SERPENT MINI RTA -Wotofo Vapor,Wonderful Life So I went ahead and ordered this today and I am super excited to get my hands on it. There does not seem to be any reviews on it but I said screw it as I love the original so much! Also it seems to be shipping from […]

Attack of the (Kayfun v4) Clones!

It was bound to happen. So FT and FC have clones available. FT has one in stock today so that makes 12 days since the release of the authentic. I ordered the one with black o-rings that was supposed to ship on the 26th but it changed to the 19th today.

Svoemesto Kayfun V5

The first hint on the horizon… found on the serial-check page of Svoemesto… View attachment 552599

Post pictures of your working wick and coil setup

I'm new to the RBA scene and something that's helping me a lot is seeing what your wick and coil setups look like. Anything that's working for you, show us a picture! I think it will help other new people to see it doesn't always have to be beautiful to work great. Possibly share with […]

OBS Crius RTA?

There are Alot of new rta's on the Web right now but this one caught my eye. The top fill looks nice and I like it is available in black (white and SS too). Found 1 site with decent pics (not best price though) and a tvc video. Anyone got one yet? Haven't seen it […]

Flash-e-Vapor V2 rba by Artur Schwarze

Christmas came early today, finally received the Flash-e-Vapor V2 made by Artur Schwarze from Germany. Here it is on the Provari with the Flashi Beauty ring. Must say that the build fit and engineering that went into the Flashi is spectacular. Every thing fits like a glove and is an ideal match for my Provari. […]

Limitless RDTA Plus!

So glad i waited

Fast wicking

Hi guys, I recently got avocado 24mm, any tips on fast wicking it? Here's what I'm running and what I'm after… coil – fused clapton 2×28 gauge kanthal wrapped in nichrome 80 36 gauge, parallel with 26 gauge kanthal. coil is set low to minimize the distance the juice has to travel from wells to […]