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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Hey Reomauts

I’ll see you on the other side. :evil::evil::evil::evil: LOL

What to do while ECF is upgrading…

A whole day or so in read only mode? Time to inventory your vape stash, to keep yourself occupied! Decide what to move on, either by selling or Pay it Forward here on ECF. Good luck coping everybody!

The ole switcheroo

Ugh! Have any of you ever been to your local B&M store and tried out a flavor in their testers and it taste amazeballs and so you purchase it and get it home and try it in your (supposedly far superior) own set up and it taste godawful?!? It makes me so mad and frustrated! […]

Negative contact issues(help please!)

So I got this Paragon V2 clone a little over a month ago. I loved it at first but the performance started dropping. I clean it weekly but for the past few weeks that’s not helping at all. A friend of mine thinks that my negative contact might be the issue based on how it […]

Better batteries or supplier to EGO-T

Hi all, I’m using an eGo-T battery setup with aspire small plastic clear tank. I’m using 18-24mg nic. Every time I turn around I’m replacing the coil or battery. Am I using the wrong setup or supplier? The store I got it from has few customers at this time (just starting bus.) They top off […]

What am I doing wrong?

Lemo drop. Keep getting dry hits with it on a DT-100 box set to 25 watts. The DT-100 reads my build at .9 ohms. I was having a dry hit issue and I watched a video that outlined the Pancake wick method. Tried my hand at it and it was going well for 2 days […]

GProv Mod

Welcome the Custom GProv Mod Is a Custom Mod i can to make your personal mod Ιf you do not want custom put standar Alexander the Great and the goddess Athena. We offer high quality in all my products and to guarantee that your problems for Mod Produced from Walnut Wood and Exotic Wood Accepts […]

20% Off All E-Liquids at Vapeshack

Hi Vapors!, Take 20% off your entire order Coupon code- ecf20 Click Here

Introducing an ULTIMATE in Sub Ohm Vaping? The Sense Herakles v2 Stainless & Pyrex 3ml Sub Ohm Tank With Replaceable .2 and .6ohm coils – Parallel Coil Build!

Sense Herakles v2 Sub Ohm 3ml Tank – Up to 100W Vaping $39.95 $32.95 Save: 18% off ONLY $31.30 after Newsletter VIP Discount! FOR THE FIRST FIVE CUSTOMERS WE ARE PROVIDING AN EXTRA INTRO DISCOUNT OF $3.00 BY USING THE CODE: heraklesintro It is undoubtable that China has taken note of the RBA and rebuildable […]

There is a way to reducing morning hang overs.

For those of you that like to drink and vape at the same time, there is a simple way to eliminate morning hang overs by ten fold. I have done a lot of experimenting over 6 month, and the best way to avoid the worst hang over or simply not have a hang over. Is […]