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Daily Archives: November 19th, 2014

Vaping giving me pain on side of tongue and half of a sore throat

Well this is definitely not cigarette withdrawal as I have been off of cigs for a year and I am only 18 so I dont think its some kind of disease or anything but I keep getting canker sores as well. Half of my throat is sore from vaping and I just had this happen […]

is there any safe cream flavor?

Still looking for a safe cream flavor for my Blueberries & Cream recipe. Any vendors that sell Cream flavors that dont contain Acetoin, Diacetyl or Diketones?

Need Help With Good Flavor/Cloud IGO-W Suggestions????

I’ve owned my IGO-W RDA for some time now but can’t seem to find a setup I really like, I just want a good balanced flavor/cloud build. First I’m running the IGO on my Stingray X clone with VTC5 batteries and I’ve opened up the airflow holes to 2.8mm on the igo-w. I’ve experimented with […]

IGO-L Drippable Deliciousness

So I jumped in without regard to where I was landing. I knew I wanted to quit smoking, but was not impressed by "Blue E-Cigs". A couple of years later I notice the technology has changed and vape stores are popping up all over the place. People I know are vaping, "What the Hell?". I’ll […]

Aspire Atlantis, need advice on batteries and mods

So i’ve always been interested in RBAs and Mech Mods, but i just never wanted to deal with the hassle of building it. Tut when Aspire released news about their Atlantis model i figured this would be a great way to jump on board and experience sub-ohm vaping However i had a few questions i […]

Looking for a durable variable wattage

So I wanted to wait until the Provari p3 came out to see the cost of "the most durable ecig" and.. 250 is a bit steep. Does anyone know a DURABLE (and I mean like can double as a weapon if need be lol) mostly because I am clumsy and fall and drop things. Anyway […]

DIY Vs. Priemum

so i have some recipes that taste good but dont really have the punch that the store bought ones have like when i hit Hoops its says pow flavor deep and suculant and when i hit my diy thats close to the flavors i taste in hoops its more of a mild flavor hit what […]

Advanced Search: Search within forum or subforum option not available

When I use the advanced search function, I do not have the option to select only specific forums/subforums to search in. I have used it before. The option used to be there. What happened to it? It’s not under "Additional Options".

pros and cons of high pg and high vg juices

Hi everyone, just looking to get some advise about the different kinds of e juice. I’ve been vaping for about a month using an evod battery with a protank mini 2. 1. What is the difference between high pg and high vg juices ? 2. What lasts longer and is better for the lifespan of […]

Ohms & Vapor & Performance & Results & ….

It’s been one year into vaping for me and my wife, and there is still so much to learn! We haven’t made the leap into mods, and building our own coils yet. Right now, we are both still using Vision Spinners with Protank 2’s. Occasionally, we bust out our Protank Mini 3’s. Since our Spinners […]