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Daily Archives: November 13th, 2014

Need help with wraps

So I’ve been building for a while, don’t normally go below .5 ohms just due to the lack of airflow. And I’m receiving a Mutation X tomorrow, so I’d like to know what common wraps ect are for a .3 or so ohm build. I currently have 32, 28, and 24 gauge kanthal. Just looking […]

Help with atomizer head replacement?

Okay, I’m new here so I can’t post anywhere except this forum (and even if I could, I’d probably still be lost :tongue:), so forgive me for posting this here… So I have a Kangertech EVOD Glass clearomizer and when I purchased it, the sales associate kept reminding me that the atomizer head was replaceable […]

Plume Veil Clone FAIL

Just got a clone for $30 Built 2 nice coils, wen’t to go screw down one of the posts and it’s stripped… They will not screw tight. Anyone had this happen? Anything I could do? Or should I go back to the shop and get a new one, it IS a long drive tho so […]

Sweetness increased drastically by steeping?

The only sweet flavor I like at all is English Toffee, and that seems (or seemed) to be more rich than sweet. I’ve been using Nature’s Flavors and had worked it out to 12% when I started at the beginning of September. After getting that percentage down, I did start experimenting with adding Vanilla, and […]

Interesting article – more hope for vapers

This article contains some interesting statements, including one by the FDA director…gton-time.html

New Njoy film short.

NICHROME or not??

is there any harm to using NiChrome?? Is it wrapped differently??

RDA that has screws on the side of the posts instead of the top

I use a phoenix v3 RDA. Shown here- Phoenix V3 Rebuildable Atomizer: Vapor Bank – Evansville, Indiana E-Cigarette Store Depending on how the threads were cut sometimes when I buy replacements the hole does not line up in between the posts where the coil is and I have to loosen is slightly. It’s been pretty […]

need advice..

i have a stingx and quasar atty running good with imren (40amp) batt.but generic charger,and last for 2days.i need some advice if i need to buy some spare batt or no need!?i cant decide pls help guys.i will be having my xtar mc2 charger this week.tnx

Watch and Njoy, y’all