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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Introducing Kanger Aerotank v2 Pyrex & Stainless Tanks Newer DC Heads & Air Flow

Kanger Aerotank v2 Pyrex & Stainless Tanks Newer DC Heads & Air Flow $34.95 $32.95 Only $31.27 after Newsletter VIP. Save even more if you have accumulated Super VIP discount (up to 5%) and/or Militarr group and other discount codes (all of it stacks) Introducing the Aerotank v2 2.5ml. It is essentially same as the […]

heading to Vegas on September 4th…

Not sure if this is the right thread to post on. IF not, please move to the appropriate area. Heading to Las Vegas on September 4th and want to pick up some different ELiquids such as high roller suites, ben jonson, space jam, virgin vapor and five pawns. Any recommendations on which vape stores to […]

Why call it subohm?

Even a value of 0.0000000001 ohms is still a positive value and therefore not subohm. Subohm suggests going negative which is not what you people are doing. It makes no sense! :ohmy:

Hi everyone

I just joined the forum and thought I should say hi to everyone

Big Lou East Coast Review (A Must Subscribe to)

I just wanted to take the time out and share with you one of my all time favorite reviewers on YouTube. Big Lou east Coast Review is hands down the most honest and straight up reviewer I have had the pleasure of subscribing to. If you are not a current subscriber right now, do yourself […]

28mm vs 22mm RDA

I am just wondering what are the advantages of using a 28mm RDA over a 22mm or vice versa. I have a 26650 BFM from Bay City vapor coming in the mail with the tapered 22mm top cap. I was thinking about a 22mm Tobh would look cool on it but would it vape as […]

Hi there from the UK!!!!

Hi there everyone Im Steve from the UK. Been vaping for 5 weeks now and well and truly loving it!!! Was a 40-50 a day smoker and as I’m only 30 years old thats a habit I was keen to get rid of not just for my but my kids as well. 🙂 In 5 […]

Yi Loong – Fogger V4.1 Review and Coiling

Yes, this is a long video. Not everyone is an "advanced" vaper, hell, this is only my second rebuildable tank. The vast majority of the 500+ subs on my channel are all like me…new vapers, just making their first step into RTA/DA’s. So this video goes into all the details. Skip to 15 minutes into […]

Hemp wick?

Has anybody used hemp wick for rebuidables or any tank im looking for a good place to buy it and any helpful videos thanks!

Mech users – Why?

For all you mech mod users, why do you go with a mech over something like a DNA30/similar. I’d like to try something a bit less restrictive than my Sigelei Zmax, and have been looking into both. I’m more than familiar with the electronics theory, so I’m looking for your subjective experience. One of my […]