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Monthly Archives: June 2014

RBA / RDA .. I don’t even know where to start.

Hi guys, coming up on my 1-year vaping anniversary and decided it’s time to get into rebuildables. I HAVE searched through the forum and youtube, which has given me faith that I am capable of rebuilding.. BUT…but I think I’m just on the point of information overload and choices that I’ve come to a standstill […]

Coils in an evod?

I just bought a couple of evods from ebay. They haven’t arrived yet. I don’t know if they are a single coil or dual . I do know they are glass tanks. (pyrex). But from what I’ve read on the forum there is a good chance they might be dual coil tanks. It didn’t mention […]

Hello from Houton

First time on here and registered right away. Still smoking tobacco cigarettes, but want to make the switch. I have not wrapped my head around all of the options and terminology yet, ready to vape now! dang, can’t even spell Houston right!

Will there be a SR this week ?

Got an order to make… so should I wait until Tuesday or can I go ahead now ? If there is one… anyone knows what it’ll be ?

Will be Happy when I can Sign-up Co-op to acquire an IPV!

Looking forward to being allowed to enter the co-op forum to see what kind of new "trick equipment" I may be able to save a few bucks on!

coil winding

I’m just getting into rewinding some coils for my protank2’s. My collection of burnt out coils is growing, so it’s time to do something about it. I have some 34 ga kanthal, a 5/32" drill bit, and 100% cotton yarn from Wallyworld. What do you recomend for windings with the 34 ga? 7 over 6? […]

Aspire ET-S BDC alternatives? (Tastes DISGUSTING)

Sooo, a couple of weeks ago I decided to upgrade and bought two Vision Spinner 2 VV batteries, and an Aspire ET-S BDC clearomiser. It arrived, and was amazing. I loved the increase vapour production and flavour. After a week it was tasting a bit funky and there was less production, I thought that’s okay, […]

Substandard Alloy used in Yiloong Fogger’s ???

Hi! I’ve found that the 304 Stainless used in a Yiloong Fogger will stain/corrode if left for more than 8 hours in an isopropyl alcohol soak! Wonder what others experiences have been?

Cool Fire 2 problems any advise?

When I release the button on my Cool Fire 2 it continues to fire for a couple seconds. Any advise?

Stock Issues

When will the imported Red and Menthol juices be restocked?