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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Conversation with Senator Isakson’s Legislative Assistant for the HELP Committee

I had a 30 – 40 minute phone conversation with US Senator Isakson’s (GA) Legislative Assistant for the the HELP Committee on the letter I sent the Senator on Senator Harkin’s committee hearing on the FDA‘s Deeming Regulations. I had not received a reply to my letter in almost a week, so I called the […]

Innokin releasing the ”Gladius”

Just saw on facebook that Innokin is releasing a new pyrex tank with adjustable airflow called the Gladius. Anyone else see this yet? Sent from my DROID4 using Tapatalk

If it cost government $20 billion to…

Enforce prohibition annually of a recently illegal substance. Then how much do you all think it will cost them to enforce the regulation of e-cigs? But hey, I’m sure they’ll raise taxes to help cover the costs. Really mind blowing for something with so much potential for good. If memory serves in 1927 it cost […]

Vanilla, silverback, or lunar

I have a good chunk of store credit after receiving a defective overdose by mcv mod and I need to pick a replacement soon. I’ve narrowed it down to the silverback (18650), vanilla, and lunar mod. I’ll use the remaining amount for an RDA but I can’t decide on one of these three. I feel […]

TFA Caramel

I noticed that 2 (Caramel Original, Caramel Cotton Candy) of the 3 caramel flavors at TFA, have a "Diacetyl" warning. #1 How does the 3rd one (Caramel flavor) without the warning compare with the 2 with the warning. Especially, in the context of making a tobbacco (RY4 type juice). #2 Do other manufacturers warn about […]

Converting TOBH to BF

I got in on one of those group buys for a TOBH clone and will be coming Monday. Since I’ve pretty much moved to Reos I was thinking about converting the TOBH over to BF. Has anyone converted one and have any images or instructions? I could leave it alone and use on Sigelei but […]

Any 2nd Generation REO rocker families?

Uh-oh. My son tried my Grand this morning, it’s got a nice spiced peach tobacco in it. He wants a REO now. Duh. lol His birthday is in August so guess what he’s getting? 🙂 I’m thinking hammertone Grand for him. Him: How much does it cost? Me: I tell him. Him: How much?!? Me: […]

What I find Amazing

Ok I’m sitting at my desk at my computer, no doubt, and I made a post to the "What is coming in the mail" thread and having a vape. Just got out of the shower after riding my bike, Bicycle, about 24 miles. And I look at my signature, you know the banner. What is […]

Maraxis (hope I spelled it right) mod clone with magnetic switch upgrade

I just won one of these, should get it Monday or Tuesday, anyone else have one? How is it? It comes with the spring and magnets for the switch, going to try both but probably stick with the magnets to lower my voltage drop. Any info about this mod would be appreciated Sent from my […]

Watch out for Fluidvapes

They say they are #1 Whole seller. The kit i recently bought from them was at an amazing price. I wanted to move from a standard battery to a mod, as i was having alot of failing batteries and it was getting expensive. Half the things i got from them didnt even work. 2 batteries, […]