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Monthly Archives: March 2014

What else is out there that I missed?

So I just spend $199 on a freaking provari v2.5 at a local store as I was too lazy to wait a few days by ordering it online. On the same visit to the store the dude tried to sell me on a protank v2 after I told him I only drip in a hh357 […]

LF copycat recipe

Hello all, Been browsing the forum for awhile. Registered so that I could look for help in recreating a particular liquid that I enjoy. Since I can’t post this in the recipes forum, being a new member, I figured I might try here instead. The liquid that I’m trying to make is called Jack Frost. […]

ECigsbrand Battery?

I everyone, I hope that you are all doing good today. I’m new here in this forum, but have been reading different post here and there for a while. I find this to be a friendly atmosphere and a great source of knowledge. I am also new to vaping, but love it. I find it […]

Saying hi

As the title states, just saying hi. I have been vaping off and on for about for about 6 months. At first it was with cigalikes with prefilled carts and ended up being a supplement for when I couldn’t smoke. About 2½ months ago started using clearos on them and that was a world of […]

It’s the opposite of what it says it is.

http:// w w w .psmag. com/navigation/health-and-behavior/mentally-ill-people-shouldnt-get-e-cigarettes-77497/

How does the Cyclone compare with the RM2 ?

I have a RM2 and like it I see a lot of talk about the Cyclone so I was curious 🙂 Thanks

Punch-Y4 DIY

I have been vaping since 2010 starting with blu e-cigs and v2cigs, then onto hoosierecigs, vaporgod, darkcityvapor, and so on as well as their e-juice. I have tried a tremendous varieties of juices, but I have been stuck to one only because the flavor is amazing and brings me back to enjoy it every time. […]

Coil build for Protank2 on 3.7 Mech Mod Help.

Yes I need a good coil build for a Protank2 and Sigelei 19 with 18650 Sony VTC5. At the moment I only have 31 gauge kanthal. Reason for question. Put a 1.2 ohm on MVP2 VV 4.2 no problem. Same 1.2 on Sigelei 19 and get cotton burn hits at end of draw. What to […]

How waterproof are vamos?

About like a cellphone or is any too much? I think mines going to the gulf with me tomorrow.:2cool:

vv box mod planning okr t/10

well planning my buck converter box mod came across a boost converter the ptn0405c and the idea i had was to use this board along with a 1 amp 5v mirco usb charger because that way i could boost the voltage cause my batteries would be in series and i could get the right voltage […]