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Monthly Archives: April 2013

New Members and New Vapers • Re: Tell us your story

Good to have you here with us ZombieVaper. Welcome to ECA. Glad you "rediscovered" vaping. As you now know, in spite of any propaganda issued by the FDA and health organizations such as the American Lung Association and American Cancer Society,etc. , vaping works. There are now thousands, tens of thousands that will attest to […]

New Members and New Vapers • Re: Tell us your story

I’ve had anxiety and stress issues for as long as I can remember, and at around 13 I’d had a particularly rough few weeks (home wasn’t exactly what anyone would call a healthy environment back then) and a friend suggested smoking might help me calm down. From there it just escalated. I’ve been trying to […]

Vapor Production

What’s the best juice to use for a lot of vapor production? I’m fairly new to vaping, but I’ve decided that a lot of vapor and little or no throat hit is what I enjoy most. I’ve heard that higher VG is better than PG for vapor production. If I were to mix my juices […]

Sigelei shows 9.9 ohm and won’t fire

So I received my new Sigelei V3 and it works AMAZING. Really happy with the purchase , my only rant is weight but it’s SS so what the heck.. My only porblem to date is that one of my Atty‘s shows 9.9 w when I attach it to the Sigelei and APV won’t fire. I […]


Hello folks, I have been ghosting the forum for some time now. Got into vaping a few weeks ago, started on the ego, bought an epipemod and vision eternity rba, and though I’m fairly pleased with their performance thus far, decided to invest in a higher end build. I’m getting decent Vape out of this, […]

Killer, (clone) with tank co-op.

For those who occasionally use a tank, (I don’t know why you would but there are some strange people out there), there is an ‘interest’ co-op running right now for a Killer clone. The Killer can be used as a BF, RBA, Dripping Atomizer or as a RBA in a tank. (It actually works really […]

Cheap eGo twist

What’s the cheapest you guys have been able to find these? I’m looking into getting one but they seem more expensive now than when I last looked.

Tanks for non-rebuildable atomizers?

Do tanks for non rebuildable atomizers exist? carto’s and clearo’s aren’t my thing, and not really interested in messing around with the rebuildable atomizers. If anyone knows where i can purchase this type of delivery system i’d really appreciate the input. Thanks all. Edit: I’m using 510 connector devices. sorry about that.

Yay new juice (PLUID!)

I walked into my boyfriends cousins shop the other day and was surprised and happy to learn they had acquired a distributorship for Pluid 🙂 having not tried it but having heard ALL of you guys gush about it, i had to buy some! So now i have pluid and also maja raas. I am […]

Let down by Smokeless image

After seeing all the hype about how great SI is with customer service and placing a few orders with them myself (and I was quite pleased with them up till now) I am sorry to say they have let me down and I will now be going elsewhere. I ordered a spinner about a month […]