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Kayfun Bell Cap leaking

I just got my Bell Cap for my Kayfun Lite V2 from Fasttech ($4.25 Kayfun Bell Cap Kit w/ 510 Drip Tip – acrylic + stainless steel / ohm logo at FastTech – Worldwide Free Shipping) and it's leaking from the top when I turn it upside down and fill it. Can anyone tell me what I may be doing wrong? Thanks!

Coil trouble

One of my <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils is heating up faster than the other how can I manage to fix this?

Your preffered wire for flavor?

Just bored mates wanna know everybody's opinions on wire and your preffered wire for flavor? I always use SS316 as I think it has the crispest and cleanest flavor without any metallic notes. Only other wire I use is N80 for ribbon. Vaping a 26g twisted mirror finished single coil in my Petri RTA on TCR 30w @500°F. Thanks y'all for opinions and as always much love let's debate!


So I love the flavour I get from dripping. But I also love the convenience of a tank. I’ve heard about the new limitless. Anyone here tried it yet? I hear it’s pretty darn good. ^_^


Beyond Frustrated… Single Micro Coil in Theorem Causes Resistance to Keep Increasing by .01

Atty: Theorem
Mod: IPV4

No other atty does this for me. Last night I sat down and built and built and built. What is happening is the initial reading on the mod will be, say, .59. Dry fire it once, .59. Dry fire it again, .59. Dry fire it again, .60. Dry fire it again, .61. Dry fire it again, .63. It will max out at .63 and not go any higher. If I let the coil cool down, it'll reset and go through the same process. I thought it was my build, which is just a 7/6 wrap 24g micro coil in a…

<a href="”>Beyond Frustrated… Single Micro coil in Theorem Causes Resistance to Keep Increasing by .01

Where to buy prebuilt coils?

FINALLY managed to order a clrba for my Cupti. Now I'd like to purchase 100 or so 316sl SS prebuilt <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils. I don't really want to wrap the coils myself as I don't want to invest in the tools right now. I would like approx. .5 ohm coils for TC. I'm not so sure about Clapton coils. I'm reluctant to use FastTech because I don't want to wait a month on delivery (wish they had a US supplier).

Is there a US supplier I can get coils from at a fair price? Also, which coils should I buy?…

<a href="”>Where to buy prebuilt coils?

Looking for Pico Mega v1.00 Firmware

Hi vapers
I am looking for pico mega v1.00 firmware but i can not find anywhere
With v1.01 and v1.02 firmwares it can not show battery voltage
Anybody know where can i find it?

Artery Summa coil rebuild

I have yet to take apart one of the <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils that my Summa came with but I feel I will soon be trying to rebuild at least one of the coils (BECAUSE THEY ARE 5 BUCKS EACH!!!). I also have yet to see anyone anywhere offer any info on taking one apart or rebuilding. I have plenty of experience under my belt with rtas, rdas, and well rebuilding everything else I come across because I'm cheap lol. I just wanted to see if anyone has any experience with these massive ASC coils??

Doggystyle 2K16 (kayfun v2 killer … I think)

I found this on Animodz page. This RTA have a all kayfun aspect expect a juice channel.
Its 22m tough so it will be sexy.

Joyetech BF RBA kit

I'm not sure how I reached this conclusion, but I thought the BF RBA kit would fit the Delta II tank. And while I'm very happy with the drop in <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils and their in-flow control valve, I don't think the kit will fit the tank? But it's important to note that I've never actually tried to fit the kit to the tank! Seriously though, it doesn't look like it would fit? Anyway, would it fit the Cubis tank instead? What can y'all tell me about this kit anyway?