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Need help choosing a MTL RTA- Cthulhu MTL, Merlin Mini, or..?

Hi I'm quite new to vaping and I'm currently using a VTwo mini with a Billow v2. I use 2 Kanthal <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils that give me around 1 ohm. I do MTL most of the time with 18 watts and a 1mm airhole. From time to time I do a few DTL drags at 26 watts and a fully open airflow. I use >60% VG juices.

I'm thinking about getting a new RTA, as I dont think I need a dual coil deck, considering I don't do sub-ohm setups. I'm definitely not into cloud-chasing, I'd want a good flavour instead.

I was…

Need help choosing a MTL RTA- Cthulhu MTL, Merlin Mini, or..?

Reload Rta

Has anyone seen this? Looks nice! Pricey though.


first coils and im stoked

Finally started building my own <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils and man why did I wait so loni now feel like I missed out. I helped out my girlfriend on a catering gig that one of her staff called in sick at the last minute so i worked it so qhen we came home she told me to order what i wanted for vape stuff so i ordered coilmaster v3 kit ,skyhook rdta box , couple vtc6's , babybeast rta, some cotton (cotton candy), ss wire , kanthal wire. So i started building and found that my ss wire 28g was too thin so i twisted…

<a href="”>first coils and im stoked

I need help my dads alien 220 vb verison

It won't stop flashing wont turn all the way off followed step by step instructions and nothing is working I took off the automizer when I updated it and took the batteries out and everything

Recommend a squonk mod please

I would like some advice on a dependable mod that features squonking dual 18650 batteries and onboard charging. A kit or individual pieces doesn't matter id like to build my own <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils and drip, without carrying around the bottle.

I used to vape and had stopped but began chewing and have gotten tired of the chewing. The last mod i owned was a sigeli 200w box mod on a patriot rda i believe. I'm not new to vaping just don't know what my options are and local vape shopping seems to be allot of…

Recommend a squonk mod please

Will this be safe?

Sorry in advance if this is a stupid question
Hey everyone. Right now I have the Endura T22 which I like but I am looking for a new vape. My friend has the Smok Alien and I want to get the same one. I have been reading some things about batteries, amps and I am confused and worried about buying something like this. Basically my question is will the coils and batteries I get be compatible with this vape?


Will this be safe?

Expert help for RDA/RTA choices please

I am hoping for expert help here. I am pretty much a one set up/one brand kind of person, so I am trying hard to get this right. The online search for one mod does it all has finally ended and I bought myself the SXMini ML class in white today.

Now I am after two RTA's and one RDA which need to tick the following boxes:

1. Sleek modern design, as small as possible
2. Single coil deck
3. Easy, staight forward built
4. leakeproof enough for my purse
5. MTL!

I have searched and researched…

Expert help for RDA/RTA choices please

New Dicodes Dani Extreme V3 owner here, any tips & tricks?

Just ordered and waiting for delivery on a brand new Dicodes Dani Extreme V3 (Small-18350), and was wondering if there were any pointers I should know about before she arrives…

After doing hours upon hours upon hours… of research, watching reviews, and comparing tech specs, I felt like the Dani was the best fit for me.

I will RTFM until then, but besides that, maybe share some of your specific settings and why, some ways to keep her clean and shiny, and any other general tip & tricks…

New Dicodes Dani Extreme V3 owner here, any tips & tricks?

Ego Mega Battery with RDA?

is there a set up I can build to use this battery and get 45watts out? Thank you! (I'm new to RDAs)

Origen 19/22 Tank by Norbert

View attachment 575463

So this is the new offering from Norbert and I am very intrigued by this design. It seems to be very similar in design to the aromamizer supremes (which I love). The deck area is also tapered which does cause an odd appearance but I'm assuming it was done to reduce chamber size, thus improve flavor! I have recently been stepping away from the cloud blowing fog machines but still enjoy a little airflow, I have really high hopes for this one!