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How did you coil/wick/cotton your tank today?

As new to vaping, I would like to start a thread where we can share experiences with different coiling/wicking our tanks.
I quit smoking nearly 2 month ago and found vaping as full replacement for cigarettes and pipe tobacco.
In the beginning, I made mistakes by purchasing wrong/useless tanks and mods.
In a very short time, I was sitting with quite a lot :)
I should have listened to the public recommendations from the beginning, but couldn't resist my curiosity.
I'm a mouth to lung vaper…

<a href="”>How did you coil/wick/cotton your tank today?

Titanium wire

Ok so it is about time to order wire again and I have been weighing the options. I like stainless but I am thinking titanium this time. From what I see in vape tool app I won't need as many wraps as stainless. Which is a plus when I build a set of braided <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils (love the flavor off of braided stainless) because I don't have enough room to get to .1 and up in my goon. However I have never used titanium so wondering what the good and bad of it is?

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Kayfun V.3 mini alternative (MTL only)

Hi Guys,
Been looking for best MTL thread on the forum and boy it was so many, and the reviews usually doesnt compare them with my favorite tank, so here goes mine :D

I'm an exclusive MTL vaper, currently im using kayfun mini v3, for me the kfv3 mini is the best flavored tank I've ever tasted. I'm looking for an alternative, You may ask, why would you change the winning team?
Because tbh i dont like the kfv3 mini looks, its slim and tall, and looks ridiculous on every mod i have, and i…

Kayfun V.3 mini alternative (MTL only)

Digiflavor Pharoah RTA!

I've seen some teasers and heard it through the grapevine. Apologies if this was posted already, but I looked around and didn't see any posts regarding this beauty.

Anyone else excited? LOL


Bottom and top airflow…25mm from the looks of it…maybe 5ml? That chimey/deck section looks massive. I kinda hope they go postless with this one.

Mutation x v5 not reading after a about 4 fires

I'm rebuilding my mutation x v5. Now I haven't used it much, but when I first got it out worked great for about a month. Well I've cleaned it will, dried it, checked all contacts and screws, but when I put a coil on it, and fire it to get it adjusted, remove hot spots etc, after about 3-5 fires it will either read "no <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>atomizer" or try to reset the ohms. I've tried it on a smok x cube 2, smok alien, and releaux 2/3, same on all 3 devices so I know it's not that. Anyone have any ideas?

Can’t figure out my own coils

Hi All. I have tried a few times to make my own coil, but it always ends up tasting like crap. I just switch back to the disposable atomizers at that point and forget about it .. but this time I would like to figure it out!

I will have to whip back out my kits, but I would like to seek your help here in getting the build right. Can you guys help me figure this out??


Why does strumming coils work

I have been trying to understand the physics of this and it just does not compute in my head. I would like to say it is bogus but I have had <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils that would not glow evenly or have hot spots and then strum them and voila the hot spots are gone and they glow evenly. But I think about it and I can't see how lightly strumming a coil can make any physical difference in the coil in any way what so ever.

Can someone help me make this make sense to me. What does strumming physically do to the…

<a href="”>Why does strumming coils work

Beginning coil build(er)

So it turns out the laws in Indiana have changed, and we can order vape gear online, except for pre-made juice. So I'm getting ready to order items needed for both rebuilding <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils and DIY juice.

I plan on using the RBA deck on one of my TFV8's to start with. Besides an ohm meter and tools, I know I'll need cotton and wire. I'm planning on getting Kanthal to start with. So, here's a few questions:

1. Are there any good tutorials for beginners, especially for the TFV8 RBA, on how to build a…

<a href="”>Beginning coil build(er)

Tfv12 coils longlivity – rough estimates


Just ordered the tfv12 tank and I'm hoping to get some sort of indication about the coils and how long it takes before they need to be recplaced.

I'm aware it all depends on whether you chainvape on them, usage of wattage, kind of liquid etc. if it just takes less than a week for a chainvaper on average then I will order some more coils asap

Any user here with info about these cloudbabies?

Vaporesso Drizzle kit

Has anyone used this? I have it on order, but it hasn't gotten here yet. It is a MTL device, looks to be smaller than the aio. The very few reviews I have watched or have read seem to be good. It is tough to find the replacement <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils in the USA at the moment, but it is new, so hopefully they will be showing up soon. I plan on using level up nic salt 25 mg tobacco once I get it. I just did not know if anyone out there has this kit. They around 25 buck, 1000 mah battery, 1.4 ohm traditional…

Vaporesso Drizzle kit