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Squape Xs

Anyone know if/when the Squape Xs is coming to the US? There's info on the Stattqualm website, but I can't understand the language…

Needless to say, I want one!

As far as I can tell, it's significantly shorter than the X (46mm, not sure if that's with or without the drip tip) and holds 2ml e-liquid.

UPDATE: Found out that it's scheduled to be released around August 31st, but I can't find any info as far as whether it will make it into the US. Does anyone know?…

Squape Xs

Kanger Evod Pro

Has anyone tried one? Like/dislike? I just saw it online and watched some reviews. I like the idea of an external battery/thicker pen style. And the top fill, and MTL coil option. I'm just curious if anyone has one and how they like it. ;)

Best device for non-sub ohm vaping

So I just upgraded from my zmax v5 paired with Kanger aerotank mega bc my poor zmax has seen better days. It's bent and the screen is cracked. It still works, but I definitely needed to move forward. I bought the eleaf pico 75 with melo 3 mini mainly bc I was wanting something a lot smaller than my zmax and easy to hold for stealth vaping. Somehow I missed that this device is for sub ohming. I could kick myself since I bought 2 of them (one for my hubby) and neither of us care for the…

Best device for non-sub ohm vaping

need suggestion for EASY to build, flavor RTA

The only RTAs I've used as of late are the Kayfun Mini v4 but I think I wanna try something different. I've never been very good at building and usually find it a bit of a hassle, but since I am a light vaper, I don't find that I have to do it very often and I don't really mind rewicking. I was interested in the Theorem since it has that Notch coil which looks like I can reuse it for a long time and just rewick when needed, but I've heard conflicting reports on how good that coil is. I'm not…

need suggestion for EASY to build, flavor RTA

RX 2/3 Owner’s Thread

I didn't see one, so here it is!

I feel like this model is sufficiently different to warrant its own thread, but if not please remove or merge.

I own an original RX200 which is still working dandy (I'm probably lucky that I don't use SMOK tanks…) and reviewed the 200S, but don't own one. My 2/3 came in the mail today– red and black– and I am liking it so far. My pros and cons:

-The obvious option to use 2 or 3 batteries
-2-battery enclosure still feels ergonomic in my hand…

RX 2/3 Owner's Thread

Looking for small RTA

I am a strickly MTL vaper, no dripping no sub-ohm, no clouds and I like really small tanks. Flavor is not a big issue either because I vape a basicaly unflavored 50/50 juice that has a bit of koolada in it. Probably my biggest requirement is a tank that doesnt leak. My favorite atty that fits all my needs is the GS Air MS and I am getting pretty good at rebuilding <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils for it but they are so tiny I thought I might look for a second atty while we can still easily get them. I also have a…

Looking for small RTA

Non-Sub Ohm Rebuildable Tank

I've got an aspire nautilus mini on a 30W Istick.
Its a nice small setup I like, but I'm going through <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils in 3 days (some last a little longer) and i'm sick of it. I've got a large amount of 12mg Nic. juice (70%pg 30%vg) so going sub-ohm isn't really an option. Is there a rebuildable setup out there for me, it seems like everything i look at is labeled as "Sub-ohm".

Billow V3 plus leaking

I bought two Billow V3 plus and they are starting to leak. Even if I keep them upright after a while I get juice on the air control ring. I checked the orings and they appear to be ok. anyone else have this issue?

Eden Mods Rose 3

Well well – Eden Mods are finally releasing the Rose 3. Some pics and details below. Release date is the UK VapeFest in August.

Can't wait for this one. I occasionally go back to my V2, and it's still an amazing atty.

316 stainless steel
Peek insulators
3.5mm airflow with fully adjustable AFC
Height exc. tip and 510 is 44.8mm (same as Rose V2-S)
Juice capacity with poly tank – 4.1ml
Juice capacity with steel tank – 5.0ml
Top fill
Adjustable juice control
VERY large build deck

Eden Mods Rose 3

5 – 10

Does anyone know where I can find a 5 -10 for my ipv4s