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Help me go back to flavor and MTL

Need advice from some experienced members. Been vaping 7 years and got caught up in the watt wars aND clouds for the past 2. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of the juice consumption. I remember when flavor was good and I wasn't chasing the next thing.

I always found it difficult to work with high gauge wire so I'd like to stay within 28g. I have a ton of premed <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils of all kinds measuring .3-.6 but I'm wondering how these would work in something like a kayfun. I also have a narda that I…

Help me go back to flavor and MTL

Made my first coils ! Fused claptons.

Ok so I've made a couple just plain wire and wrapped <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils. Got bored really fast lol. Decided to try to make some fused claptons. Used 2 strands of 26 g kanthal, claptoned with 36 gauge kanthal. No they ain't pretty I did it by hand , no drill. Yes it took a minute lol. They are reading .11 ohm and boy are they tasty. Before I had made a dual parallel build and was ok for flavor but I really notice a marked difference with the fused claptons. Gonna get some ss and make some for temp mode…

<a href="”>Made my first coils ! Fused claptons.

Is "Tiatanium TC" T1 wire?

No description if it's T1 or T2.

+ Titanium wire, not Tiatanium… A bit tired. <img src="” class=”mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie14″ alt=”;)” title=”Wink ;)” />

Does my first RDA build look okay?

i used premade twisted <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils for it, but im not sure if it's normal. it's 0.18 ohms

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Recommended mod for cleito 120?


I just bought the cleito 120 and i have the smok xpro m80 plus boxmod. but i wanna go higher than 80 watts, so i wanted to know what you guys would recommend for me

Protank 4

Total newbie..I purchased a protank4 today trying the rba which is dual coil …i built the first coil stuck in on deck read .7 built the second read .3 together..i was trying to build around a1.0 ohm coil ..any suggestions? Am i missing something

Noisy cricket 2 battery question

I have been running my noisy cricket 2 in dual parallel mode and when I go to swap out the batteries one always goes on the charger at about 3.7 V and the other at 4.19…

Is it normal for them to drain unevenly like that?

Recommend me an a atty! :)

Hey guys.
I'm soon about to buy new atty but I would really need some recommendation, because I'm little bit lost in all those atomizers.
My specifications:

– DIY. This. I was making my <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils from beginning and I really don't like any changeable heads (bad experience and I need to save money on this).
– Big deck as possible. I always liked extremes, so big long fused staged claptons and such is something I'm going for. So lot of space for building is needed.
– Two to four coil deck. Doesn't…

Recommend me an a atty! :)

Eleaf iPower Firmware and Logo Discussion

I was able to update the firmware and load the included logo file. So now I want my own custom logo, so I took the original logo file, opened and edited it with Gimp (like Photoshop). When I tried to load the logo onto my mod, it shows up all scrammbly! …!

Anyone know why it does this? Do I need to use a special image editor? The logo file is .BMP which is Windows Bitmap. I exported my custom logo as .bmp so I dunno what I could have done wrong…

Has anyone else ran into this issue? I…

Eleaf iPower Firmware and Logo Discussion

Is the SONY VTC5 18650 batteries good for the SMOK Alien 220w?

looking to get this mod but im not sure what batteries to get. it says they have 20A continuous discharge.