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What’s the proper way to anneal wire?

Does it take a lot of heating to get the spring out of the wire? I don't seem to notice a big difference after heating it but maybe I'm not doing it for long enough?


I had to do it… This tank looks great and holds a lot of juice! Getting one in black and SS

Authentic OBS Engine NANO RTA Silver 5.3ml 25mm Rebuildable Atomizer

I need a cool build vs. a hot build, ideas anyone ?

As the title says I'm looking for coil builds that are on the cool side ( temp. not looks <img src="” class=”mceSmilie” alt=”:facepalm:” title=”Facepalm :facepalm:” /> lol )
Presently have dual 28g @ 1.4 ohms each, 2.4 ml diameter, .07 ohm total, 20pg/80 vg juice in a Velocity Mini, 15 to 22.5 watts.

Tank is a Kanger Subox Mini with RBA built at 1.4 ohms, again 28g wire at 2.4 ml diameter, 20pg/80vg juice, 7.5 to 12.5 watts.

Cotton Bacon wick in both tank and rda. Any suggestions, thanks

Help on coils

Hi !

So , as i'm kind of not into coil builds , i want to get pre made <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils , and found some coils on internet , high quality coils made by competent coils builders , with nice customer support .

Items in crazytwists store on eBay!

Also , the coils are gonna run on a cloud chasing vape setup
with a minimum resistance of 0.05 Ω .

The coils ohms are in a dual coil configuration and changes to the gauge ….

<a href="”>Help on coils

Kayfun v5-what wire/wrap combo are you using?

Newbie kayfun user.I'm interested in what's working the best for you? Giving you the best flavor or clouds. Any info is appreciated!

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Wotofo The Troll RTA

Anyone interested of this new "GTA" RTA? :)


DIY Mod Is This Even Safe

Hello Everyone I have Built this mod is this safe to use

Cuboid misfiring after only 1 month

I have been using Cuboid for 1 month and it developed misfiring problems. I read the long thread on Cuboid and I was aware that Cuboid had some problems with 510 pin and general quality control, so even before first use I prepared spacers for tanks and inspected the device on arrival. Everything was in order and because I take nice care of this beautiful mod, I expected I will be one of the lucky users.

Well, after only one month of usage Cuboid developed misfiring problems. Sometimes it…

Cuboid misfiring after only 1 month

need baby beast drip tip

i have a couple of baby beasts. i lost one of the tips . i tried to buy an aftermarket
drip tip{wide mouth} but the 510 piece that connects to the tank is constricted.
can someone recommend me a good budget drip tip ??

H priv mini help!

Got the new h priv mini I like it a lot but one thing keeps bothering me and maybe you guys can help a newish vaper. I've vaped before but this is my first mod box. My issue I'm having is the display keeps asking me at random times if I've placed in a new coil and I think it usually only asks that if you take the premade coil thing out and replace it. Also if I press no when it asks, it won't let me puff it will just ask again until I say yes… but my puff counter hasn't reset after I say…

H priv mini help!